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Posted on: May 27, 2007

Lake Baringo accommodations include guest houses, Lake Baringo camps, Lake Baringo lodges, Lake Baringo vacation rentals. Lake Baringo has luxury top end lodges and camps and also Lake Baringo budget hotels, camps and campsites.

Sleeping places in Lake Baringo

Budget and Midrange Lake Baringo accommodation

Roberts Camp (Camping Kshs 350, bandas s\tw with shared bathroom Kshs 1000\2000, 4-person cottages Kshs 5000). Easily spotted off Kampi ya Samaki’s main drag, next to Lake Baringo Club is this fantastic site. It is right on the lake and offers great camping facilities, comfortable cottages as well as an open air restaurant\bar.

They also rent four person tents with bedding for Kshs 850 per person (including camping fees) and there are even shared cooking facilities for self-caterers. If the odd bat doesn’t bother you the wooden hammer kop cottage with it massive deck, large loft and airy ambiance is the most atmospheric place for a snooze.

Campers need to exercise some common sense about the hippos’ which may graze within just a meter of your tent at night. Ideally you should stay at least 20metres away from them if you can especially if they have young ones and don’t frighten them with headlights, torches (flashlights), loud noises or flash photography. No one has been seriously injured by a hippo in almost 15 years but some readers have had decidedly close calls! Remember that they are wild animals and should be treated with respect.

Bahari Lodge and Hotel

(Kampi ya Samaki, s\tw with shared bathroom Kshs 200\400) bahari is popular with the drivers of safari vehicles, which is generally a good sign! The rooms are a little shabby but they are ok. The toilets are rather odoriferous.

Weavers Lodge

(Kampi ya Samaki, s\tw Kshs 350\700) Down a rocky alley of the towns main drag, Weavers has good sized rooms that come with fans, mosquito nets and comfortable beds; sadly toilet paper, soap and hot water are often lacking and a constant loud music from the bar can be a pain.

Lake View Lodge

(With shared bathroom Kshs 100) Think prison cellblock with distorted lake views. Although crude the rooms are quiet clean. The loos are outside and a little rough.

Top Luxury lake Baringo hotels, lodges and camps

Lake Baringo Club

(Kampi ya Samaki, High season and Nov-mid Dec; full board s\d USD$ 120\150, mid Dec- May and July to October USD$ 150\180.)

Set in sprawling lakeside gardens, this is a grand old place. The rooms are pleasant if uninspired, with angled wooden ceilings, comfortable beds, wee terraces and linoleum floors. Facilities include a swimming pool, games room badminton court and library, and are open to non guests for Kshs 200. There is a nightly slide show featuring beautiful birds sighted around Lake Baringo.

Island Camp Baringo

(Full board s\d USD$ 220\295) This luxury tented lodge site seats on Kokwe Islands southern tree, and it takes a perfect hide away. It is beautifully convinced with 23 double tents set among flowering trees all over looking the lake. Facilities include two bars and water sports equipment. Prices include transfers from town.

Samatian Lodge Baringo

(Kampi ya Samaki; full board s\d USD$ 255\510) For a truly exclusive experience this is the place to be the three chalets on this island are rented as a unit and hefty price tag is worth it for the glorious isolation. Transfers from Kampi ya Samaki are included.

Soi Safari Lodge Baringo

(Kampi ya Samaki s\tw USD$ 60\80) Strangely this new lodge owned by ex-president Moi’s son thought the parking lot should have the lake views instead of the rooms- so sad but so true. Rooms are bland and the place has zero ambiences. Air con is its only redeeming feature.

Eating and Drinking in Baringo

Thirsty Goat

(Roberts Camp; Kampi ya Samaki; meals Kshs 300-450). This lovely open air restaurant and bar serves a welcome variety of foreign fare. It’s a bit pricey, but when your nose gets a whiff of the Moroccan meatballs, your taste buds will step on your whingeing wallets tongue.

Lake Baringo Club

(Kampi ya Samaki, lunch\dinner buffets Kshs 1300\1460, mains Kshs 300-700) as you would hope for this price the food is mostly excellent. While you may shed a tear paying Kshs 120 for a large tusker, one sip of it on the shady terrace or lakeside lawn and you will soon be laughing again.

Bahari lodge and Hotel

(Meals kshs 150- 200) Of Kampi ya Samaki’s few remaining local restaurants, this is the best place for cheap stodge.

Self caterers should keep in mind that while some foodstuffs may be available at Roberts’ camp, fresh vegetables and fruits are generally in short supply, and there is only a very limited stock available in Kampi ya Samaki. Bring much of what you need- Marigat usually has a good selection

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